On this page are 5 IV's.

    1. This 1st IV explains the purpose of the FLE4 software--that is, why it was created.
    2. The 2nd video explains how to set it up the first time you log in.
    3. The 3rd IV is an introduction on using FLE4 to knowledge build.
    4. The 4th IV helps explain how to choose the knowledge type.
    5. The 5th IV shows how threaded comments work.

    The purpose of FLE4

    The purpose of FLE4

    First time setup of FLE4

    First time using FLE4

    First time Knowledge Building with FLE4

    First time knowledge building with FLE4

    Choosing a knowledge type--the short version

    Choosing a knoweldge type--the short version

    How do threaded comments work? (do you see the mistake made at about 2:15 into the video?)

    Thread structure of FLE4


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