Growing Communities of Scientists (GCoS)

    Welcome to the Growing Communities of Scientists (GCoS) wiki. While wiki's work, there are challenges. A wiki is a community and thus It's useful to understand how it functions and how to help it function well.

    You can see one way to analyze the gcos program on the overview page which includes:

    Improving the Wiki (You will find a sequence of I.V.s that show you how to : add a page; add media; attach a file; and insert links.) NOTE: You will need a log in to do so. (easily acquired) Participate as a consumer and creator, as a collaborator. Practice in our Sand Box page--it is not for content but for playing/practicing: that is, add-edit-delete at will. Read our developing etiquette page for more info. Add pictures, videos, and whatever else you see as useful. Add a page about yourself and link it to the people overview page.

    Explanation of what you See on a Page Very visual...take a look !